Aloe Vera – A Miracle Plant


Today, FitLife TV’s website posted an article about Aloe Vera.  Truly, Aloe has become one of the most beneficial plants/herbs I have ever had the pleasure of using.  

It’s interesting that in the article, the first point of use for Aloe Vera is for the skin.  I have a story to tell about how very powerful Aloe Vera can really be.

I have always known to use Aloe Vera for burns and generally always keep a plant in my house.  In 2004, I had the misfortune of causing a fire in my bathroom.  When I entered, fire was going up the wall and was about to really get out of hand.  A small plastic table was the source of most of the fire, so I picked it up and tossed it in the tub, turning on the shower to put it out.  

Now that the fire was gone, I took a shakey, thankful breath and then thought to look at my hand, which was starting to really hurt.  Looking down, I found 2 fingers and a thumb on one had badly burned and covered in melted plastic, then a finger and spot on the other hand also badly burned.  I immediately started what I knew to do from experience.  

The rest of this story is about how to heal a very bad burn without the doctor, skin grafts etc.  I had 4 fingers that were badly burned and swollen to triple their size!  My boyfriend at the time freaked out and begged me to go to the hospital.  No! was my reply.  I went to work instead.

For the first 24 hrs, I kept my hands bandaged with a combination of orange pekoe tea and ice. Tea contains tannins that greatly help reduce the sense of burning in your skin.  The tea was painful  as it will be until its chemical cause the burning to cease.  I used tea for another 24 hrs with no ice.

On day 3, I started my regime that I would continue for 5 weeks.  Alternative days, I washed the burn, and applied either colloidal silver and ACTUAL ALOE PLANT LEAVES to my skin and bandaged my wounds.  I split the aloe down one rib and laid it on the burns, covering all parts.  On the other day, I washed, and applied WILD FLOWER HONEY to the burns.  Wild flower honey has long been identified as a powerful antibacterial.  You should note that one of the reasons burns are so life-threatening is that they become infected and can cause catastrophic, even deadly results.  So keeping bacteria out of a burn is key.  My fingers would be slathered with honey and wrapped again.

After about ten days of this, the blisters were ready to pop.  I have always been told and fully believe that you should never burst the blister before it’s ready.  But one of my alternative medicine friends encouraged me to do so because they had been there long enough.  I sterilized a pin and poked each one, releasing the water.  

In about three weeks after popping the blisters, the skin was ready to come off.  Having kept up with the aloe and honey routine, I was anxious to see what the damage would be.  Indeed, Aloe Vera is excellent for skin rejuvenation. I was exceptionally pleased to see no scars; nothing weird was happening under those bandages, just the formation of new skin!  At six weeks, my hands were completely healed, no scars, no evidence of a burn at all.  


This is not a treatment for the faint at heart.  However, I am a die-hard about avoiding the doctor at all costs.  If I can fix it, I will definitely try for a long time before I’ll consult a doctor.  I have not been wrong to this point.

Next time you have a bad burn, reach for the aloe.  You will have better skin recovery.

By Melissa Prunty Kemp, M.A., M.F.A. 

Disclaimer:  Nothing written in this blog should be used as a substitute for consulting your doctor on matters pertaining to your health. You should be supervised by your health care professional. Melissa Prunty Kemp and her associates cannot and will not assume responsibility for your health. It is important that you visit your own doctor regularly for a physical examinations and check-ups, and consult her or him before making any health decisions.



  1. Reblogged this on living it healthy with Antoinette and commented:
    I reblogged this article written by my dear friend Melissa Kemp. About two weeks ago, she gave me an Aloe Vera plant along with some other plants. I really appreciated her gift of plants to put in my home and wellness center. After reading her blog about a miracle plant, I really started to value the Aloe Vera plant. Just the other day, I scratched my hand on the door and quickly broke a small piece of the Aloe Vera plant and applied it on the scratch. Within two days the scratch disappeared. I was happy and will always cherish my plants from Melissa. “ Let food be your medicine”

  2. Thank you so much, Antoinette, for your kind comment. I’m so glad the Aloe helped you and that it found a new, cherished home in which to thrive. All the very best with your practice. I love you girl!

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